Our job

TEKCELEO is an R&D contract company specialised in mechatronics and piezoelectric technology to provide innovative solutions (covering function, product and process) for its clients.

Our core skills

  • Design of innovative solutions
  • Integration of sensors, actuators, motors, ultrasonic transducers, etc.
  • Development, test benches, validation prototypes, demonstrator models, etc.
tekceleo mots-clefs

« TEKCELEO also offers ‘technological bricks’ as a basis for rapidly developing innovative technical solutions or as components to be integrated into equipment. »

Lastest articles

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Business Pôle Sophia Antipolis
02 May 2019 - News

To continue its industrial and commercial development, Tekceleo has decided to move into a state-of-the-art business center located … Continued

Robot desinfection
14 Feb 2019 - News

OCTOPUS equips its ROBOTS with Micronice technology from TEKCELEO Tekceleo has adapted its nebulization technology to meet the … Continued

26 Sep 2016 - News
Technological Research under the media’s spotlights.

It is the modern version of “street lamp” effect of searching for his keys not where we lost … Continued

22 Sep 2016 - Events

TELEMAQ SAS will participate in the next international microtechnology trade fair MICRONORA to be held from 27 to … Continued

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