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Nebulization for Contamination Control

Benefits of our technology

MICRONICE™ technology, patented by TEKCELEO, is used in a wide variety of fields within the bio-decontamination and pharmaceutical sectors. Our sprayers can diffuse different types of formulations and biocides such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), hypochlorous acid, or peracetic acid, thus demonstrating their effectiveness in sectors such as bio-decontamination.

For instance, bio-decontamination with hydrogen peroxide allows for the sterilization of medical equipment, the decontamination of transfer locks, passboxes, pharmaceutical production areas, laboratories, operating theaters, and all areas of experimentation and biosafety where hygiene measures are essential. Thus, our atomizing nozzles are used by disinfecters in hospitals and laboratories because the nozzles’ features meet most of the expected criteria:

  • Resistance to disinfectant liquids, such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or hypochlorous acid, or peracetic acid (specific vibrating membrane nozzle model)
  • The ability to control the volumes diffused to the nearest tens of microliters (allowing the disinfected rooms to be available for longer)
  • Controlled, uniform deposition on the surfaces
  • Precise control of the flow rate and atomization cycle.
  • A silent atomization process without compressor (no overpressure in the enclosures).
Electronic nebulizer

Our range of amplified vibrating mesh nebulizers

Concerning our range of nebulizers, the special feature of the MICRONICE technology (amplified vibration of microperforated membrane) allows the generation of microdroplets in the micron range (4 microns, 8 microns and 12 microns). Our technology therefore generates dense, controlled and “dry” mists:

  • Adaptable flow rate (per nozzle): from 20μl/min to over 40ml/min.
  • Adaptable droplet size: from 4μm to more than 50μm.
  • Low footprint (nozzle dimensions: 20x16x16mm).
  • Very low power consumption < 3W (possibility of battery operation).
  • No dead volume.
  • No temperature rise of the nebulized product, nor alteration of the formulations.
  • Very short response time.
  • Silent (<35dBa).
  • Possibility to adapt the membrane according to use

Our range of nebulizers works with all airborne disinfection liquids: hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and hypochlorous acid.

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