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Nebulization for the food industry

The concept of liquid diffusion by nebulization can be applied to the whole value chain of the food processing industry:

  • During the plant growing phases, as a humidification and root feeding mechanism in aeroponics or hydroponics.
  • In diffusion of treatments or other formulations (e.g. in poultry farms)
  • In post-harvest treatment, whether in cooling systems (by evaporation of fine water droplets), humidification or applying a formulation
  • On the shelf, in a humidification system at the point of sale, which allows the products to remain fresh longer without losing weight (conservation issues on the shelf)

Thus, nebulizing systems can meet a whole range of needs throughout the food value chain, whether as a formulation applicator or for pure humidification. Today, nebulization, on this industrial scale, allows for better cultivation and, above all, better preservation of food products.


Humidification légumes en rayon

Bringing solution to food industry issues

From humidification to aerosol generation for the entire food industry processing chain

Whether it is for livestock (poultry farming in particular) or plant cultivation (fruit, vegetables, in conventional agriculture or in soil-less methods), the food industry has a strong need for aerosol generation. Whatever technologies are chosen, modern agriculture is based on aerial liquid diffusion methods: Spraying, treatments, humidification, cooling.

However, these techniques are now increasingly monitored, particularly in the context of new regulations. Thus, the current challenge is to do better with less: Less pesticides, treatments, inputs, etc.

In this context, conventional aerosol generation technologies are not always appropriate, as they are often based on centralized pressure systems, which are not very adaptable and often rely on the massive diffusion of formulations in the air.

This is why our technology brings a real paradigm shift to these uses: Modular, adaptable, and fully configurable, our electronic nebulization nozzles allow for precise control of the liquid’s diffusion in the air.

Electronic nebulizer

The advantages of our technology

Precision fogging for the food industry

Tekceleo has developed a line of ultra-precise, modular and electronically controllable MICRONICE nebulizers. Our nebulization technology is based on the vibrating membrane principle, which offers many advantages in the food industry:

  • “Soft” misting (no projection, monodispersed particle size) and controlled (adaptable flow rate via a control software).
  • Very low power consumption (2W/nozzle, allowing it to run on a battery).
  • A modular fluidic system (each nozzle can be autonomous and replaced).
  • A robust system that can operate continuously for a very long time (several years with tap water).
  • Very quiet operation, which is noticeable in enclosed work areas.
  • A “cold misting”, allowing to diffuse without altering the liquid.

Some use case

Our M50 vibrating membrane nebulizers are particularly suitable for the food industry, as they can project micro-droplets ranging from 50 to 55 microns, which is the optimum size for an ideal mist (whether for nutrition or humidification).

Precise control of the flow rate and fogging cycle can prevent micro-droplets from recombining on the roots, allowing for optimal moisture content and maximizing nutrient absorption. The robustness of our nozzles also greatly reduces the maintenance and cost of ownership of a fluidic system.

For humification and post-harvest treatment uses, our 12 to 17 micron membrane solution is ideal, as it allows humidification without causing a “wet” sensation on surfaces.

Our simpler and more robust technological solution


Traditional centralized foggers (ultrasonic, high pressure or pneumatic) often require significant investments and maintenance stops, while being noisy and not very flexible. In addition, nozzles of this type must be replaced periodically, from every two weeks to every two months.

We work on a daily basis to support our partners in adapting our products to facilitate their use and their integration into more complex diffusion systems. As such, our vibrating membrane nebulizers are continuously being improved and can be adapted to your specific uses, treatments and equipment.

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