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Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

A strong sector expertise on our two product lines

TEKCELEO technologies have historically been developed as components or sub-assemblies of cutting-edge medical devices. In the field of healthcare and medical applications, diagnostic and surgical equipment is becoming increasingly sophisticated and innovative. This includes robotic surgery using MRI (Magnetic resonance Imaging), innovative drug delivery devices, efficient disinfection equipment and aerosol generator for laboratories.

A wide variety of possible applications in the pharmaceutical and medical industries:

  • Human and veterinary nebulisers for pulmonary and nasal route drug delivery (aerosol therapy) (Electronic Nebulizers: Micronice®)
  • Bio-decontamination systems and medical devices sterilization (Electronic Nebulizers: Micronice ®)
  • Scientific aerosol generator (pollution analysis, microbiology…) (Electronic Nebulizers: Micronice ®)
  • Airborne disinfection systems in pharmaceutical SAS, operating theatre…(Micronice®)
  • Spray systems for reagent deposition, biological tissue printing, micro-dosing…(Micronice®)
  • High precision humidification systems for biological tissue preservation or controlled environment (Micronice®)
  • Robotic surgery and mini-invasive interventions using medical imaging (Piezoelectric Motors: Wavelling ®)
  • Robots for biological diagnostic systems (pipetting, XY tables…) (Piezoelectric motors: Wavelling®)
  • Non-magnetic actuators for prostheses (limb surgery) (Piezoelectric motors: Wavelling®)
  • High frequency actuators for scientific measuring instruments (viscosimetry…) (Piezoelectric Motors : Wavelling®)
  • Motors for “hand” tools in bone or dental surgery (Piezoelectric Motors : Wavelling®)
  • Your application…
Piezoelectric motor wavelling

Our range of Piezoelectric Motors:

Well-known motors in medical robotics

Our selection of piezoelectric motors, based on our unique Wavelling® technology with embedded sensors, ranges from a diameter of 20mm (for miniature motors) to a diameter of 75mm, spanning a mechanical power range of 1W to 15W.

The non-magnetic properties of our motors and their silent operation are also crucial assets when developing devices for robotic surgery devices guided by MRI. Our non-magnetic Wavelling™ technology means that robots can be positioned and remotely controlled during surgery guided by MRI. Our motors can therefore be easily integrated into medical devices, including implantable devices.

A know-how as an Original Equipement Manufacturer (OEM) of medical devices

Our technical support and development teams have experience and skills of prototyping and industrialising medical devices with high added value. Since our products are incorporated into medical devices, our engineers are well-versed in certification procedures.

Thanks to TEKCELEO’s production line and testing equipment, we can manufacture several hundred motors a year. As a result of our constant quality improvement, TEKCELEO is  Certified ISO9001. We pay careful attention to client feedback so that we can help them develop new solutions using our cutting-edge technologies and thereby improve the lives of their patients.

Our motors main characteristics

Our motors are designed to be used in the most complex environments:

  • lightweight, compact, flat or cylindrical in shape
  • High torque-low speed without reducer (direct drive)
  • No-power holding torque
  • No electromagnetic disturbances
  • Silent and vibration-free
  • Flexible and modular design: it can be fitted into the heart of the mechanism
  • Precision of 0.01°
  • Short time response < 1ms
  • No hot spot or overload when shaft is locked accidentally.