• A team of multidisciplinary experts at your disposal to further your skills
  • Our expertise to help you increase the value of your products by introducing new functions
  • Significantly reduced cost and time to market your products
  • The expansion of your knowledge base by formalising information (continuous reporting)

In application of our methodology, the initiation phase of a project is always unique but generally includes the following steps:

  • An informal discussion and an exploration of the requirement (proprietary patent, an idea, technological opportunity, competitive pressure, response to a call for tenders, technical differentiation, complementary skills, additional resources, modification of specifications…)
  • Signature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Definition of the project and analysis of the technical specifications
  • Technical and financial proposal (context, objectives, work programme, breakdown of tasks, budget and timeframe)

With TEKCELEO, expert advisors are at hand to bring you responses and are always attentive to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or contact form to discuss your requirements. TEKCELEO’s multidisciplinary team will get back to you as soon as possible to respond to your request.

Not only can we bring you concrete answers on technical issues but we can also give you additional ideas, indicate possible industrial or technology partners, verify the compliance of your project with the regulations, etc.

TEKCELEO has developed an expertise and unique methodology in the product innovation process. We can assist you in the innovation process of a product from idea to industrialisation.

Based on your request, company experts will introduce you to the technology in your area of interest.

TEKCELEO can help you clarify and define your needs through successive discussions, with the possibility of signing a confidentiality agreement leading to exact coverage needs in the form of terms or technical specification.

The intellectual property rights are clearly defined by TEKCELEO and its client in the definition phase of the project. All scenarios can be envisaged. They can be shared or transferred to one of the two parties.

TEKCELEO places the client at the heart of its business and has a large fleet of testing and development processes. These facilities are regularly updated because our strategy is to never economise on tools, ensuring good quality control and deadlines.

The technical and financial proposals offered by TEKCELEO are designed and divided into a workstation. Based on the results obtained, the sequence of different work packages are jointly discussed and validated by TEKCELEO and their client. Either party may withdraw from the project through these GO/NOGO.

A prototype ensures that the « invention » functions. It also enables validation of the design choice. This phase is very important from a technical standpoint because it enables checking both the technical and economic feasibility. The technical feasibility consists in checking on a pre-industrial scale the quality and specifications of the product that you intend to develop and market, for a controlled and given quality of raw material. This step proves to be very meticulous because it is conducted through various prototype tests, it will determine the optimum operating conditions.

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