Appareil d'aérosolthérapie


Thanks to their ability to nebulize micro-volumes and their operation with different types of liquids, our products can also be used in aerosol therapy devices.

Aerosol therapy consists of delivering a micro-mist of medicinal or non-medicinal substances into the respiratory tract. This technique is used to administer drugs that act locally on the respiratory tract.

Aerosol therapy is a technique that consists of administering medication directly into the airways and lungs. It is usually delivered through a medical device such as an inhaler. The inhaler is used to transform the medication into fine aerosol particles that can be inhaled or propelled directly into the airways and lungs.

Our nebulizers have a silent atomization that allows for comfort of use as well as a choice of drop sizes. They work with different types of liquids and are very suitable for medical products.

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