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Equipment disinfection in Clean Rooms

Precision nebulization for Clean Rooms in pharmaceutical laboratories

A cleanroom is a controlled environment where dust, airborne microbes and aerosol particles are filtered out to make the area as clean as possible.

Cleanrooms are classified by different levels of contamination, depending on the amount of particles per cubic meter allowed in the space. Creating a cleanroom environment also requires precise control of variables such as temperature, airflow and humidity. Maintaining such environments requires regular cleaning, disinfection and bio-decontamination phases, in particular in order to prevent any proliferation of bio-organisms.

Our advantages in cleanrooms use cases

A technology perfectly adapted for small volumes

Our electronic sprayers can diffuse different types of biocides, such as hydrogen peroxide or hypochlorous acid, and are particularly effective in decontaminating all surfaces, including “shadow areas”. Our piezoelectric technology with vibrating membranes, besides the uses of airborne surface decontamination, also enables a very precise, programmable control of the flow, time, and cycle of diffusion.

Indeed, since our devices are electronically controlled, all the disinfection cycles can be automated and programmed, with a latency of about one millisecond. This gives you perfect control over your decontamination cycles, with different programming to suit the environment: Whole room, isolator, pass-through, transfer lock, etc.


A “plug and play” solution that allows you to integrate airborne disinfection directly into your equipment at a lower cost

Our Electronic Nebulization (Atomization) technology brick can be integrated into a more complete device, within the framework of a “supplier/assembler” partnership, but it can also be easily set up as a “module” in low-volume enclosures. Thus, some laboratories can easily adapt our “Plug and Spray 360” product, which allows for simple, effective omnidirectional cold nebulization of any kind of biocide (including hydrogen peroxide – H2O2), in order to disinfect their isolators, their transfer SAS or their pass-throughs.

Currently, our Electronic Nebulizers are used by various industries and laboratories with strict requirements for cleanrooms and isolators:

  • Academic research facilities
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical laboratories
  • Military applications

TEKCELEO works daily to support its partners in adapting our products to facilitate either their direct use or their integration into more complex disinfection and bio-decontamination systems. As such, our vibrating membrane nebulizers are continuously being improved and can be adapted to your specific uses, treatments, disinfectants, and equipment.


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