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Humidification légumes en rayon

Food Humidification and Preservation

Fogging for longer shelf life of fresh products

Tekceleo’s Plug & Spray humidification products can be used as humidifiers for food processing applications. During storage, fruits and vegetables release moisture. As a result, they lose weight over time, as well as their external characteristics that determine their qualities such as appearance and freshness. As shown in most study, by humidifying the air, fruits and vegetables keep their freshness longer and storage times can be extended without weight loss.


Moisten and preserve, without wetting

TEKCELEO precision foggers create a very fine mist, generated locally at the nozzle, and preserve the nutritional quality, taste and visual appearance of the products. This is why our solutions can be integrated into industrial humidifiers. Unlike ultrasonic humidification technology, TEKCELEO’s MICRONICE technology uses microperforated vibrating membranes to produce electronically controlled calibrated drops.

Our fogging technology for the humidification of fresh products

An active nozzle, simple to use and with no centralized system

Our solutions use a technology historically used in the medical field, as it can guarantee precise flow rates without causing evaporation or heating of the liquid, which also makes it very effective in a wider use of humidification. The mist is generated locally and does not need to be transported or vented to the products, thus avoiding most of the bacterial contamination problems encountered by conventional ultrasonic humidification technologies.

Our nozzles are easy to use and have the advantage of having characteristics in line with the needs of the food industry (especially the 12, 17 and 20 micron nozzles). The main advantages of the MICRONICE technology in this context are the following

  • A precise and constant maintenance of the humidity levels in the air
  • A controlled flow
  • Simple operation, without the need for a centralized pressurized or ventilated system, coupled with a high reliability and longevity of the product
  • A very low maintenance cost
  • Quiet operation
  • Minimized risk of contamination by bacteria


Our technology benefits

Indeed, our technology achieves the following features and benefits:

  • Adaptable flow rate (per head): from 100μl/min to over 20ml/min.
  • “Plug & Play”: no need for a centralized fog generation system, nor for a fog delivery system.
  • Very limited risk of contamination: fluidic system based on a circulating water principle.
  • Adaptable drop size: from 2μm to more than 50μm.
  • Low footprint (head dimensions: 20x16x16mm).
  • Very low consumption < 3W (battery operation).
  • No dead volume.
  • No temperature rise.
  • Very short response time.
  • Silent operation (<35dBa).
  • Possibility to adapt the membrane according to use

Thus, the humidity level in the air is fully controlled, which avoids condensation problems, especially in closed spaces such as refrigerated display cabinets or containers. Our fogging products are therefore ideal for environments such as

  • Fruit and vegetable displays on the shelf;
  • Fresh produce displays: fish, seafood, meat…
  • Refrigerated areas;
  • Cigar cellars or any other place where the humidity level must be precisely controlled.

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Nébuliseurs électroniques à membrane vibrante

Our expertise

Integrating our nozzles into your fluidic system

Moreover, since our systems are based on the generation of a “dry mist” (cold fogging process), the risk of condensation is low and fully controlled. Unlike evaporative or hot steam humidifier systems, our cold ultrasonic solution is quiet, reliable, low maintenance and low power consumption. Our nozzles can easily be coupled with humidity sensors and our nebulizers can be activated to automatically control the humidity in the room.

Our expertise is mainly in the production and sale of nozzles (with models ranging from 04 microns to 40 microns) and nebulization controllers (ECU-Neb), we help our partners to modulate our systems to reach their objectives:

  • Tank size and liquid level management (fill rate)
  • Flow rate management
  • Integration of humidity sensor
  • Consideration of the environment of use (risk of presence of bacteria, filter, etc.)

Our support teams are fully mobilized to carry out simulations of use and to accompany you in the industrialization of your humidifier, if necessary. In addition to our long-standing partners in the medical and bio-decontamination sectors, we have also assisted industrial players in the development of humidification systems for the food industry and aeroponic systems.

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