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High precision cooling process

Nebulization for precise evaporative cooling

TEKCELEO nebulizers are used in evaporative cooling systems.

Indeed, the capacity of our technology to control finely the flow as well as the dispersion and the size of the droplets allows to precisely parameterize localized cooling processes. Our nebulizers, by the principle of evaporation (adiabatic cooling), allow to cool locally in a very precise way, the generation of calibrated droplets allowing to have a control on the phase change.

Cooling a gas or a surface using evaporative cooling is a natural physical phenomenon. In general, it uses the latent energy of evaporation of water in the form of droplets as a means of cooling the surrounding air (adiabatic exchange). to dissipate heat into the air. Evaporative cooling is thus a very efficient heat dissipation process.


A technology with many advantages

The advantages of evaporative cooling are multiple:

  • No chemicals or refrigerants
  • Low power consumption for high heat dissipation.
  • Silent operation (no ventilation)
  • Very small footprint compared to the heat dissipation capacity.

In the field of evaporative cooling, our nebulizers are particularly effective for targeted and precise cooling within precision industrial processes, or for the dissipation of electronic and electrotechnical components. Our technology is very precise, compact, robust and easy to use (electronically controlled).

Our range of nebulizers for cooling processes

A reliable technology, adapted to the industrial environment

Our technology has the following features, particularly useful in an industrial environment, requiring precision, reliability and robustness:

  • Adaptable flow rate (per nozzle): from 20μl/min to over 40ml/min.
  • Adaptable drop size: from 4μm to more than 50μm (depending on the type of membrane)
  • Miniaturization capability (nozzle dimensions: 20x16x16mm).
  • Very low power consumption < 3W (possibility of battery operation).
  • No dead volume.
  • No temperature rise of the nebulized product, nor alteration of the formulations
  • Very short response time
  • Silent operation (<35dBa).
  • Possibility of adapting the membrane according to use

Depending on the desired result, our spray heads can handle all types of cooling liquids. Regarding the use of water (more widespread and economical), our nozzles have a reliability exceeding 3 years of continuous use. 


Example of use cases

Tekceleo nebulizers are used today for the following micro-cooling processes:

  • Local and high precision cooling for laser cutting applications. Tekceleo nebulizers produce an aerosol that allows precise control of temperature levels on the surface of the substrate;
  • Adiabatic cooling in the context of the preservation of fresh products (food industry);
  • Cooling of electronic components or battery packs.
  • Cooling of fuel cells.
  • Localized cooling for the manufacturing of small glass parts (lenses).


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