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Our nebulizers in packaging disinfection process

The challenge of contamination control in packaging operations

The control of contamination is critical in some industries, especially in pharmaceutical and food industries. In this context, ensuring that packaged products are disinfected during and after production is a vital issue for the company. It is therefore very important to proceed in a structured way to sterilize or disinfect the packaging before leaving production.

Therefore, it is necessary for these industries to equip themselves with decontamination tools at certain phases of their packaging operations, which allows them to respect the highest hygiene standards.

TEKCELEO nebulizers are a very effective tool for the elimination of bacteria in all types of food packaging, whether solid or liquid. These devices generate a very fine mist of H2O2 with droplets of a few microns that are distributed homogeneously inside the packaging to be disinfected.

The advantages of our nebulizers in packaging disinfection

A proven, compact and time-saving technology

In order to meet the needs of manufacturers in their packaging processes, Tekceleo has developed particularly compact nebulizers, which allows them to be integrated directly into packaging lines. This makes it possible to control contamination without sacrificing production speed and thus maintain the profitability of the company.

That’s why TEKCELEO sprayers allow the integration of the DSVA method (surface disinfection by air) directly into the production lines. Our technology allows in particular the disinfection by “dry fog”, the product is pulverized in micro-droplets from 4 to 12 microns (according to the nozzle used), this type of treatment works very well with the hydrogen peroxide. This treatment has the advantage of not producing any wetting effect on the treated surfaces.


Easy to integrate into your equipment

The compact nature of our nebulizers makes them easy to integrate, as does the fact that they are electronically controlled, avoiding the need for a complex, centralized pneumatic system. Our technology can therefore be integrated directly into machines, and can even be battery operated:

  • Adaptable flow rate (per nozzle): from 20μl/min to over 40ml/min.
  • Adaptable drop size: from 4μm to over 50μm.
  • Low footprint (nozzle dimensions: 20x16x16mm).
  • Very low consumption < 3W (battery operation).
  • No dead volume.
  • No temperature rise of the nebulized product, no alteration of the formulations.
  • Very short response time.
  • Silent operation (<35dBa).
  • Possibility to adapt the membrane according to use

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