Nébuliseurs électroniques

Micronice® Nebulizers

The MICRONICE® technology, patented by TEKCELEO, is a breakthrough nebulization technology based on piezoelectric drive with very low power consumption.

Thanks to our team’s know-how, we have developed a micro-perforated membrane device which, when vibrating at a certain frequency, sprays the liquid in the form of perfectly calibrated fine droplets (mono-dispersion).

In fact, the liquid (solution, formulation, suspension) is extruded into a cloud of micro-droplets when it comes into contact with the micro-perforated membrane, which is itself subjected to vibrations. The generation of the fog or spray through micron-sized holes allows the droplet size to be precisely calibrated with a Gaussian distribution with very low dispersion (we speak of monodisperse nebulization). Our technology allows unique characteristics on the market:

  • The aerosol is not generated by pressure, so there is no link between droplet size and nozzle exit velocity;
  • This type of nebulization coupled with the piezoelectric amplification allows a nebulization with a very low power consumption;
  • The very low inertia of the liquid leads to very short response times (a few milliseconds);
  • No alteration or temperature rise of the liquid;
  • Vibratory amplification of the membrane via a piezoelectric transducer.
  • Perfect sealing of the liquid supply circuit (“turnkey” operation)
  • Optimized management of the liquid supply, control of flow rates and nozzle orientation.
  • Choice of the membrane according to the size of the specified droplets and the liquids to be nebulized (size of the holes and materials)
Moteur piézoélectrique amagnétique

Wavelling® Ultrasonic Motors

The WAVELLING® technology developed and patented by TEKCELEO is based on the piezoelectric progressive wave actuation technology. The particularity of our technology lies in the integration of sensors in the structure of the motor itself.

This mode of actuation provides a high power-to-weight ratio combined with a good efficiency for small motors (< 20W mechanical). The motor has a very simple and purely mechanical structure (no windings) facilitating its integration. As such, our motors are very reliable and integrate an optical encoder and an electronic controller that are both very precise and intuitive to use.  The characteristics of our motors allow their use in the most complex environments:

  • Lightweight, small footprint, flat or cylindrical shape
  • High torque at low speed, optimized integration without gearbox (“Direct Drive”)
  • Holding torque without power supply
  • No electromagnetic interference
  • Silent operation, no vibration
  • Flexible design and on-board control: it can be integrated into the heart of the mechanism
  • Accuracy of 0.01° (can be reduced according to customer specification)
  • Very short reaction time (< 1ms)
  • Range of non-magnetic motors
schéma décrivant l'effet piézoélectricité

Our expertise in the field of Piezoelectricity


Some materials tend to accumulate electrical charges when mechanical stress is applied to them. The piezoelectric effect is an effect that simply describes the fact that a pressure applied to a piezoelectric material will generate a voltage, and reciprocally. Piezoelectric materials have opened the way to many applications and objects:

  • Measurement sensors (acceleration, dynamic force, hydrophone…)
  • Sensors of electrical energy generators by recovery of vibratory energy.
  • High precision rotary and linear actuators and motors.
  • Vibrating surfaces Sonar transmitters, ultrasound probes, ultrasound propagation…
  • Actuators for active vibration control
  • Vibrating actuators for haptic feedback
  • Atomizers and liquid nebulizers
  • Solenoid valves and mini membrane pumps.
  •  …


The term piezo electricity comes from the Greek “πιέζειν” (piezein), which means the effect of squeezing or pressure, and electron, which means “amber” and is an ancient source of electrical charge. French physicists Jacques and Pierre Curie discovered in 1880 that electrical charges could build up in certain solid materials in response to applied mechanical stress.

Piezoelectric materials can convert energy from the mechanical to the electrical domain and vice versa. They can be used to create various piezoelectric sensors or actuators: the application of a periodic electrical signal can result in the generation of ultrasonic waves for imaging purposes.

There are many piezoelectric materials such as quartz, best known for its use in watchmaking, as well as ceramics which are widely used in industry. Thus, piezoelectricity has the particularity to rely partly on a good control of materials, which makes the knowledge of their properties and their quality one of our priorities.



Tekceleo benefits from more than 20 years of experience in research and applications on piezoelectric motors and nebulizers. Thus, our activity relies on a team of multidisciplinary and highly qualified mechatronics engineers on our two patented technological bricks:

  • Piezoelectric vibrating mesh nebulizers
  • Piezoelectric motors (ultrasonic motors)

Our know-how concerning motors and piezoelectric nebulizers can be used at all stages of your project:

  • Validation of our technology in the context of your uses;
  • Support and advice for the integration of our technology in your prototypes (advice, training, services…);
  • Supply of our components at all stages of your project;
  • Support for the transition to mass production.

Our team of expert engineers in piezoelectricity and mechatronics accompanies our customers in the industrialization of their products based on the use of our technological bricks.


Our line of products are used in several industries, such as:

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