Our airborne disinfection range of H2O2 fogger is specifically made only in stainless steel and HDPE components for very long lifespan. With its very little footprint, its “plug and play” and modular design, our technology is very well suited for direct integration in equipment or sterilization process devices. Our device can be used with H2O2 up to 30% and all other biocides available. 

Bring automated decontamination everywhere

Embedded decontamination nozzle compatible with all biocides

Our technology is suitable for multiple sterilization and decontamination use cases: it works both with Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid, using cold-temperature nebulization. Our foggers are made to be easily integrated in all equipments, regardless of the sector. In the right configuration they achieve the EN 17272 norm for airborne disinfection, which means reaching log 4 to 6 for bacteria, viruses and fungi. 

As a result, our airborne disinfection nebulizers can be used in every country and environment, even if high concentration H2O2 is pohibited.

Easily switch to dry fog disinfection process

The cold and dry fog generated by our nozzles allows to reduce significantly the disinfection cycle compared to VHP based devices (15 to 20 mn with H2O2 dry fog vs. 1h30 for VHP). The electronic control of these foggers allows for great flexibility of use. The very low inertia of the liquid leads to very low response times (around a millisecond). Combining these two properties and the very low power consumption (2W/nozzle) gives our customers critical, lasting competitive advantages.

Decontamination nozzle

Modular and compact nozzle for automated decontamination process

The Micronice® Electronic Fogger, based on a “vibrating membrane” fogging technology at ultrasonic frequencies, allows for different functions depending on the type of microperforation of the membrane. 

  • For drop sizes below 8 µm, this technology is used to generate a dry fog, for very small to small volumes. Allows to reach log 5 to 6 elimination for bacteria, fungi and viruses. 
  • For drop sizes between 8 and 20 µm, this technology is a component for room decontamination devices.

To monitor your sterilization process in a user-friendly way, Micronice® is easily integrated and controlled via an easy-to-interface controller. This control allows to easily set the parameters of your disinfection cycle (flow rate, diffusion time, operating cycle).

This easy control, coupled with the compact size of our nozzles, makes our technology very easy to integrate, whether in a standalone device, an autoclave volume or on a production line.

With only stainless steel and HDPE materials, our design is robust and can work for more than 5000 hours of non-stop operations (tested with H2O2, peracetic acid and HCLO). With its property, it is very well suited for integration as an embedded disinfection module in laboratory equipment. Without heating, vaporizing or pressurizing the H2O2, our nozzle is perfect for small volume and quick disinfection cycle. 

Improve your CSR

Our technology allows for a safe and effective decontamination, while not neglecting the environment.

To preserve the planet is one of our core values and we design our products to do so :

  • Long lasting : Our Foggers have a life expectancy of over 5000 hours : they are designed to last over time
  • Efficient : While having an extra-low energy consumption : (2W/nozzle)
  • No waste : 0% of waste material in our production process as everything is re-injected in the production line
  • Quality : Production 100% Made in France, ISO 9001 certified
  • Affordable : the extreme precision of our product allows a very low consumption of liquid
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