Our Micronice® nozzles can be used for humidification by using the principle of ultrasonic vibration of a membrane on water. Our technology allows to manage in a precise, silent and simple way the humidity of a room or a volume. Its electronic flow control and its ability to be easily integrated into a system makes it a particularly competitive technology for your application.

Nébuliseurs électroniques à membrane vibrante


Our technology, based on a ultrasonic vibrating mesh, is suitable for multiple humidification use cases. Our foggers are made to be easily integrated in all equipments, regardless of the sector.

The electronic control of our ultrasonic foggers allows for great flexibility of use. The very low inertia and the direct spray leads to very low response times (around a millisecond). Combining these two properties and the very low power consumption (2W/nozzle) gives our customers critical, lasting competitive advantages.

The main advantages are

  • Ultra-silent system, no compressor needed
  • Compact and easy to integrate in your system
  • Perfect hygiene; no water reserve needed : can work on circulating water/directly on tap
  • 100% electronic: controllable via an ergonomic touchscreen


Here are some examples of use cases for our products: 

  • Direct on fesh products, on the shelf : during storage, fruits and vegetables release moisture. As a result, they lose weight over time, as well as their external characteristics that determine their qualities such as appearance and freshness. As shown in most study, by humidifying the air, fruits and vegetables keep their freshness longer and storage times can be extended without weight loss.


  • During the plant growing phases, as a humidification and root feeding mechanism in indoor farming. There are multiple benefits to this technique: To remove any obstacle to the propagation of the roots, to better control the supply of nutrients, or to prevent any development of disease or parasites, mainly present in the soil. Most research shows that aeroponics is one of the most successful agronomic techniques. 


  • Industrial processes : Adhesive activation : the use of our nebulizers in special high-speed labeling machines has allowed our customers to save several operations and tons of material. Indeed, the fluidic response time of our nebulizers allows the activation of high speed labeling adhesives.


  • Direct-room humidification : integration in humidity control systems in offices or production environments.
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Benefits from 20 years of innovation in ultrasonic technology

Patented unique vibrating mesh humidifier technology

Tekceleo’s Micronice technology is the result of 20 years of R&D in the field of piezoelectricity and ultrasonic transducers. It allows to reduce drastically the volume and the energy required to generate aerosols.

As a result, our technology is unique in several ways : energy efficiency (<2W), compact and no need for centralized systems : nebulization takes place inside the nozzle itself, without the need for pressure or heating !


Benefits from the most competitive technology regarding cost of ownership

Our technology is the most competitive in terms of global cost of ownership :

  • No need for a complex system to make pressure or ventilate
  • No maintenance : can operate for more than 5000 hours with water
  • No large electricity bill : less than 2W energy consumption per nozzle
  • Simple : you only need to provide water to the nozzle, native plug and play system easy to adapt.

As a result, our technology is easy to set and won’t require recurrent maintenance. Also, its ability to run on tap water and without any reservoir of water reduce drastically the risks of contamination.


Micronice unique ajustable technology

Micronice is modular by design. Our technology works through electronic control that can ajust in real time or by programmed cycles the flowrate and length of operation. Our electronic control is very simple, via PWM and can easily be interfaced in order to create humidity control loop.

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