Vibration Energy harvesting

TEKCELEO offers some vibration energy harvesting modules or autonomous batteryless sensors with wireless communication. Using the concept of the piezoelectric energy harvesting or the piezoelectric energy scavenging, TEKCELEO has developed a range of miniature components based on embedded sensors or autonomous wireless sensors and self-powered sensors. Indeed, the widespread use of wireless sensors in sectors covering industry (machine-to-machine communication), infrastructure, transportation, the home and connected objects is closely correlated to the availability of cost-effective ambient energy recovery solutions (Energy Harvesting).


Energy harvesting mainly aims to supply autonomous sensors. Therefore, measures can be stocked, wirelessly transmitted and/or used to perform an action (e.g. alarm). The energy sources can be vibrational, mechanical (force, pressure), thermal or light (solar) energies, and are available in the environment close to the power system.  



In general, the goals of an energy harvesting function are:
  • Supply of a sensor or a network of autonomous sensors for wireless data transmission (visual or audio signals, measurements, etc.)
  • Supply control by wireless transmission to a receiver.
  • Supply of connected objects (mobile and wireless).
  • Use of energy generated by human movement (pressure manually applied to a button or surface, pressure applied by the heel while walking or running, etc.)


Our offering

TEKCELEO offers multiple solutions to recover and reuse energy in a high demand market segment. More specifically, TEKCELEO has a sound expertise in offering solutions of vibrating energy harvesting using piezoelectric generator. Our solutions draw on converters and electromagnetic or piezoelectric transducers for mechanical vibratory energies, thermoelectric generators (Peltier effect) for thermal energy, and photoelectric for light energy. After analysing your needs and associated specifications (which we can help you draw up), we will offer you a range of services based on our two-step methodology that we have honed through our experience in this field. Following these two phases, we can help you follow through your project (testing in real conditions, system integration…).

Our products

To date, TEKCELEO offers two types of vibration energy harvesting modules 400μw (M-400-G-BLE) and 2 mW (M-2000-G-BLE) on presale. These modules will power temperature sensors, shock and vibration and communicate data by Blue Tooth Low Energy (BLE). To get further more technical information on our range of vibrating piezoelectric energy harvesting components, please click on the button:

  1. Feasibility study
  • Identification of available energy sources.
  • Assessment (theoretical or experimental) of the level of recoverable energy.
  • Assessment of the energy requirement (measurement, storage, transmission, actions) compared with the recoverable energy.
  1. Technical solution analysis
  • Design of a comprehensive technological solution (generator + storage + wireless transmission or visual alert) in response to your specifications.
  • Development of a validation prototype.

Examples of our work

Study and implementation of an energy recovery system (pressure variation) integrated into a hydraulic network.
Concept validation model of autonomous flow-loss detection system (thermal energy recovery - Peltier module).
A piezoelectric energy recovery device integrated into the dosage pump provides an electronic display of the number of doses, without the use of a cell or battery. The energy required is generated by a piezoelectric pulse that is triggered by applying pressure to the green button.
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