Our value proposition
High-Added Value Manufacturer

Our value proposition is based on a complete support of our customers and partners in their industrialization process: design, prototyping, characterization, production and optimization.

Thus, we consider ourselves as a “high value-added manufacturer”: we go beyond the simple sale of our products.

As our technology bricks are mainly used as critical components of our customers’ devices, we strive to be not only a manufacturer, but also a partner of our customers. This is why our range of offers goes from design to manufacturing:

  • A partnership approach, to help you in the design and characterization of your products using our technologies;
  • Accessible services to make your life easier: training, studies, tests and evaluation, software evolution…
  • The possibility to start a real innovation cycle around your product (new material, ergonomics, added features, change of shape…)

We can go beyond the simple customer/supplier relationship and move forward on a true partnership based on our values:

  • Quality
  • Flexibility and reactivity
  • Continuous improvement
Types of products

An effortless approach to our products

As part of our manufacturing activity, we offer two families of products:

  • Our evaluation kits, allowing you to test and characterize our technology in the context of your developments.
  • Our standardized components, to be integrated directly into your products.

The objective of our kits is to facilitate the handling and prototyping of our technologies in order to help you in the design of your proof of concept (POC) or minimum viable product (MVP).

We manufacture all our products at our Sophia Antipolis site in France.

A personalized customer journey: from prototype to production

Depending on their needs, each customer has different expectations and deadlines. At Tekceleo, after 20 years of experience in innovation, we understand this very well: this is why we strive to personalize the path of each of our customers according to their needs.

Thus, the attentiveness of our customer service, coupled with all our additional services, allows each customer to be helped and accompanied on the path of his product development, from concept to production.

This is why, depending on your needs, we can adapt our response:

  • “Tailor-made”: a need for a “tailor-made” service, from the evaluation of the need to the production of dedicated products, including design;
  • “Fast Track”: the need to move quickly on a production start-up, by going very quickly on the pre-series and the production of standardized components;
  • “Development”: a step-by-step approach, from the evaluation of our technology via the purchase of a kit, to the progressive support of your developments in the context of the industrialization of your product;

Depending on your profile, we will adapt our response to enable you to quickly reach the objectives you have set.

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