Aerosol Generator Mesh Nebulizer

In the family of ultrasonic nebulizers, vibrating mesh nebulizers and aerosol generators, the very recently TEKCELEO-patented MICRONICE™ technology, is based on the coupling of a piezoelectric transducer with a micro-perforated vibrating membrane (amplified vibrating mesh nebulizer). Initially developed for aerosol therapy in the medical area, this miniature electronic nebulizer or electronic spray device meets a variety of nebulizing, aerosolization or atomizing requirements for applications including veterinary care, humidification, aerial surface disinfection, fragrance diffusion or liquid dispensing…


When a liquid comes into contact with the membrane subjected to high vibrating displacements due to the amplified piezoelectric transducer, it is « extruded » in a cloud of monodispersed micro droplets on the other side of the membrane via microperforations. The size of the drops, the flow and the aerosol plume are modular parameters and adaptable to requirements. This principle of this amplified vibrating mesh nebulizer is the most performant in the world in terms of flow rate and liquid viscosity. To understand better the principle of our amplified vibratory mesh nebulizer, you can view the following videos:



  • Nebulising a wide range of products : water-based, alcohol-based, suspensions.
  • Adaptable flow (per head) : between 100µl/min to over 20ml/min.
  • Adaptable drop size : between 2µm to over 50µm.
  • Miniaturisation capability (head dimensions: 20x16x16mm).
  • Very low power consumption < 3W (battery-operated).
  • Absence of dead-weight volume.
  • No temperature increase of the nebulised product
  • Fast response time
  • Silent (<35dBa).
This amplified mesh vibratory nebulizer combines the very high quality of the aerosol of the ultrasonic nebulization (1.6MHz) and a very low power consumption (20 times less). Compared to the other vibratory mesh nebulizers, our amplified piezoelectric nebulizer features 5 times more flowrate. Our aerosol generator is already used for ultrasonic humidifiers replacement, aerosolized hydrogen peroxide decontamination or powerful scent diffusion (fragrance delivery)…


OUR PRODUCTS: two types of mesh vibratory nebulizers

Our PLUG&SPRAY mesh nebulizers are modular. We propose two types of aerosol generator head for downward spraying orientation or for omnidirectional diffusion. We offer 3 standard meshes for 4µm, 12µM or 40µm monodispersed aerosol. The very fine 4µm aerosol is proposed for aerosol therapy and fragrance diffusion, the medium fine aerosol 12µm for ultrasonic humidification or aerosolized decontamination and the heavy aerosol 40µm for µl liquid deposition.
  • P&S-T45 with integrated tank for a downward use
  • P&S-360 with deported tank for an omnidirectional use
Learn more about our products and their technical characteristics and see how our technology can meet your needs, please click on the data sheets button:
    Click here to order a demonstration kit :
  • ACOUSTIC FOUNTAIN (1.6MHz and 2.4MHz high-frequency ultrasonic nebulisers).
TEKCELEO also offers this technology for professional applications requiring a centralised fine aerosol source.  


  • Medical : aerosol therapy, humidification of the respiratory tract, “spotting” function (reagents drop deposition, microdispensing), etc.
  • Veterinary : animal care administered via the pulmonary tract
  • Cosmetics : perfume diffusion
  • Disinfection : disinfection of surfaces by airways, elimination of odours
  • Thermal comfort : ambient air humidification
  • Industry : electronic circuit cooling by jet cooling
  • Agriculture : application of phytosanitary products

Examples of our work

Study of an innovative nebulisation device adapted to a low-power iron.
Perfume diffusion product concept based on MICRONICETM technology patented by TEKCELEO.
Product concept of a miniature electronic fragrance diffuser or “perfume wand” based on the TEKCELEO-patented aerosol dispenser technology MICRONICETM.
Product concept of an all-in-one nebulisation device for horses. This non-invasive and comfortable device is easy to use, compact and silent. It is placed on the horse as a soft, protective mask for optimal efficiency, enabling the intake of treatment into the lungs and reducing the risk of outward contamination to a minimum.
Product concept of a pocket-sized microniser (with smartphone connection) intended for respiratory tract treatment and delivery of medication by pulmonary tract. It is based on the principle of a vibrating micro-perforated membrane (MICRONICETM technology patented by TEKCELEO).
This machine for disinfecting surfaces by airways uses the TEKCELEO-patented MICRONICETM technology to diffuse a disinfectant mist. It is intended for use in science laboratories, the food industry, hospitals and medical practices.
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