Precise Humidifier

Our innovative humidification technology provides precise and reliable humidity control in a user-friendly and modular design. Our advanced technology ensure that the humidity level is accurately maintained with minimal maintenance required.

Our modular design allows for easy installation and customization to meet your specific needs, making it the perfect solution for food preservation, controlled environment agriculture, research laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and other environments where precise humidity control is essential.

With our humidification technology, you can achieve consistent product quality, maintain a controlled environment, and achieve accurate and reliable results.

Aeroponics farm

Humidity Control

At Tekceleo, we offer a modular humidification system that is fully customizable to fit your specific needs. Our nebulizer is just one component of this system, which can be configured to provide precise and reliable humidity control in a variety of settings.

Whether you need to maintain optimal humidity levels in a laboratory equipment, manufacturing facility, or other controlled environment, our humidification system provides a flexible and reliable solution. Our ultrasonic humidifier technology is virtually noise-free and requires minimal maintenance, ensuring ease of use and long-term performance.

Tekceleo’s modular humidification system is not a final product, but a technical solution that can be tailored to your unique requirements. Choose Tekceleo for the ultimate in flexibility, reliability, and precision humidity control.


Advantages of our Humidifier

Our Micronice® nozzles can be used for humidification as it is using the principle of ultrasonic vibrations of a membrane on water. Our technology allows to manage in a precise, silent and simple way the humidity of a room or a volume. Its electronic flow control and its ability to be easily integrated into a system makes it a particularly competitive technology for your application.

Moreover, at Tekceleo, our commitment to engineering excellence doesn’t stop at the products we create. We provide top-quality engineering services to help our customers integrate our systems seamlessly into their operations, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Our experienced team of engineers works closely with our customers to understand their unique requirements and provide customized solutions that meet their needs. 


Smart Choice for Humidification
Accuracy, Reliability, Simplicity

Know more about our Nebulizers

Based on a patented amplified vibrating mesh technology coupled with  intelligent design, Tekceleo’s Micronice© nebulizers are among the most efficient on the market in terms of flowrate to size ratio, latency, precision and power efficiency. Our design allow to use the precision and electronic drive of vibrating mesh nebulizer while drastically improving robustness and efficiency. Our technology can be use for very severe and strict environment and backgrounds. 

Highlights of our Humidification Solution

Precise Control: allows for precise flowrate to obtain perfect RH levels

Energy Efficiency: our technology is the more efficient by far on the market (<2W per nozzle)

Minimal Environment Impact: very little energy and materials to produce, allows for water saving up to 70%

Consistency: flowrate control with microsteps (up to 20µL.min) allows for consistent humidity levels

Easy Maintenance: all parts are accessible and replaceable. Nozzle lifespan exceed 10 000 hours of operation with RO water

Longevity: our technology is designed to last, with Pharma grade materials even compatible with very corrosive liquids

Modularity: our system is natively modular, it can be adapted to fit different spaces and applications

Quiet Operation: our technology operate very quietly (<30 dB)

Easy-to-Use: as an electronically native system, it is easy to use and integrate

Our technology overview

An Amplified Vibrating Mesh Technology

Tekceleo’s Amplified Vibrating Mesh Technology relies on a piezoelectric transducer to make a micro-perforated mesh vibrates at ultrasonic frequency. When a liquid comes into contact with the membrane, it’s transformed into a cloud of precisely calibrated micro-droplets, with a monodispersed nebulization. This technology generates aerosols or sprays with very low power consumption, making it ideal for integration into modular devices, mobile equipment, miniature instruments, and handheld devices. The use of piezoelectric technology allows for very low response times, and the electronic control provides great flexibility of use. This gives our customers a competitive advantage in terms of reliability, precision, and energy efficiency.

TEKCELEO offers two main design of nebulizers, all of which allow precise, efficient and monodispersed atomization:

P&S T45 nebulizer systems, using a gravity-fed mode for easy and handeld uses.

P&S 360 nebulizer systems, using a circulating fluidic system for easy integration in automatized processes.

All of our systems use the same patented Micronice amplified vibrating mesh technology.


Technical Characteristics

Range of Droplet Sizes

Amplified Vibrating Mesh technology allows to play on different droplet sizes

05 µm droplet size

Nominal flowrate : 0,8 ml/min

08 µm droplet size

Nominal flowrate : 3 ml/min

12 µm droplet size

Nominal flowrate : 4,5 ml/min

20 µm droplet size

Nominal flowrate : 8 ml/min

50 µm droplet size

Nominal flowrate : 35 ml/min

Mechanical Characteristics

Our nozzles are compact and easy to integrate in any devices

Light Weight : 40 grams


Metallic parts : SS316L and SS304 / Others: HDPE, pharma grade silicon

Diameter : 20 mm


P&S T45 : 70 mm / P&S 360 : 56,5 mm

Long lifespan

Tested lifespan with RO water : >10 000 hours

Electronics and control

Our technology is electronically native and easy to control

Between 2 to 3 W per Nozzles

One Electronic controller can control up to 10 nebulizers

ECU available from x1 control to x10 control

Flowrate control by 1% increment with PWM signals

PWM interface 3.3V on BNC connector of ECU

Easy to integrate with your own PLC

12V or 24 V entry, contact us to know more about integration with PLC


Circulating Fluidic System or directly on the tap with a drain

P&S 360 Design

External reservoir > 500 mL Circulating fluidic system with peristaltic pump Compatible tube : 3mmx5mm

Pressure characteristics

No pressure in the fluidic system Max pressure to be put on the mesh : 0,1 bar

Linear Fluidic System

Directly on tap water
Needs a pressure regulator Better with RO system
Max pressure to be put on the mesh : 0,1 bar
Up to 10 nozzles in a row

Temperature range

No need to heat the system. Temperature range from -20°C to 80°C for standard version. High temperature version on demand.

Write Us

TEKCELEO has created a highly innovative team with a recognized know-how in mechatronics and piezoelectric technology. The company is composed of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and physicists who have all the necessary tools to integrate the various technologies composing a product: mechanics, plastics, thermics, electronics, embedded software…

TEKCELEO has an electronics laboratory with scientific analysis and control equipment, latest generation design and simulation software and a mechanical prototyping and production workshop.

Examples of Applications

Preservation of Fresh Produce : dding humidity to the air, fruits and vegetables maintain their appearance and quality for a longer period.

Relative Humidity Control in Pharma: Maintaining optimal Relative Humidity (RH) levels is crucial for ensuring the stability and efficacy of pharmaceutical drugs.

Electronics Manufacturing: Electronic devices are sensitive to humidity changes. Maintaining RH levels prevents malfunctions and increases lifespan.

Controlled-Environment Agriculture : our nozzles can either be used as humidification or root feeding mechanism in indoor farming.

Relative Humidity Control in Industrial Processes: ensure product quality, increase yield, and prevent safety hazards.

Papper Industry: In printing and paper industry, moisture affects paper properties. Precise RH control ensures quality and reduces paper waste.

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