WLG-75-R Motor

Introducing Tekceleo’s WLG-75-R, a powerful ultrasonic motor from our Wavelling motor range. As the more powerful compact piezo motor of our range, it is designed for torque and efficiency, while providing very high accuracy in applications such as robotics, automation, and medical devices.

Its non-magnetic properties make it ideal for use in sensitive environments, while its high torque-low-speed ratio allows for smooth and accurate motion in tight spaces. 

High Performance
Ultrasonic Motor

The WLG-75-R from Tekceleo is a high-performance ultrasonic motor that stands out from the competition. With its unique non-magnetic properties, it provides exceptional mechanical power, accuracy, and compactness, making it the ideal choice for applications where magnetic interference is a concern.

Its compact size and high torque-to-weight ratio allow for precise and efficient movement, even in tight spaces. Additionally, the WLG-75-R’s built-in encoder provides accurate feedback on position and velocity, ensuring reliable performance. Choose the WLG-75-R for unparalleled precision, reliability, and efficiency in your next project.


Highlights of our WLG-75-R Ultrasonic Motor

Non-Magnetic: the WLG-75-R is unique in terms of power-to-size ratio for non-magnetic actuators

Easy-to-use: with its built-in encoder it is as simple as using a stepper motor, but with far more precision

Customizable: the WLG-75-R can be customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring seamless integration in your system.

Compact size and easy to handle: the WLG-75-R is a great match where space is limited

Reliable Performance: using the Wavelling technology, the WLG-75-R offers consistent and reliable performances

Versatile: WLG-75-R is suitable for a wide range of applications, including robotics, automation or medical devices.

High torque-to-speed ratio: the WLG-75-R offers a 1,2 N.m torque at 1 RPM, ideal for direct drive actuation

Smooth and Quiet Operation: WLG-75-R operates very smoothly and is totally quiet in operation

High holding torque while non-powered: the WLG-75-R offers a 1,5 N.m holding torque when non-powered

Bringing Motion To the Edge


Unique Non-Magnetic
High Torque Actuator

Based on a progressive wave actuator technology coupled with integrated control sensors, Tekceleo’s motors are among the most efficient on the market in terms of torque-to-weight ratio, ease of control in « Direct Drive », combining speed, precision and robustness.

Focus on Innovation

At Tekceleo, we pride ourselves on our engineering expertise and customer support. Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to helping you find the right solutions for your unique needs.

Whether you have questions about the WLG-75-R ultrasonic motor or need help integrating it into your system, we are here to help. We offer personalized support and guidance throughout the entire process, from selection to implementation.

Contact us today to learn more about the WLG-75-R and how it can improve the performance of your equipment. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals with the best possible motor solution.

Our Technology Overview

Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Motors with built-in encoder

Based on a progressive wave actuator technology coupled with integrated control sensors, Tekceleo’s motors are among the most efficient on the market in terms of torque-to-weight ratio, ease of control in “Direct Drive”, combining speed, precision and robustness.

The flexibility of our WAVELLING® technology enables our motor to achieve a wide range of performances and uses, ranging from nominal speeds of a few RPM to 600 RPM depending on the type of motors, all without a reducer (no backlash or jerks). Our range of piezo motors is one of the best in
class in terms of low speed/high torque ratio, with a unique expertise in very small rotary piezo actuator.

Our motors are pure mechanical actuator, which allows for actuation without any electromagnetic fields or ferromagnetic materials. The rotor
is moved by a progressive wave of a vibrating stator by multiple continuous contact point. This provides a very good compromise between size, power and precision.

TEKCELEO offers the following actuators, all of which allow non-magnetic configurations for MRI environments:

WLG-75-R, 75 mm diameter motor

WLG-30-R, 30 mm diameter motor

WLG-20-R, 20 mm diameter motor

All of our drives incorporate speed/position sensors and can incorporate torque sensors depending on the application.

Technical Characteristics


WLG-75-R has one of the best nominal performances of USM in the market

Max Speed : 175 RPM
Nominal Speed : 150 RPM

Rated Power : 12 W

Max Torque : 1,2 N.m

Holding Torque : 1,5 N.m


High accuracy and stability directly achievable with the built-in encoder

Built-in encoder, optical with quadrature output

Max encoder resolution: 0,0156°/273 µr

Custom max encoder resolution : 0,0039°/68µr

Rate stability : +/- 0,01%


Compact and versatile motor for uses in most environment.

Operating Voltage : 24 VDC

Maximal Power Consumption: 24 VDC/2,9 A

Weight : 280 g

Operating temperature : 0°C - 45°C


Closed loop control on position and speed. Very good latency for positioning.

Control method : closed loop on velocity and position

Start/Stop latency : <500 µs

Speed Change latency : <50 ms

Speed Setting External Voltage : DC 0[V] 〜 3.3[V]

Write us

TEKCELEO has created a highly innovative team with a recognized know-how in mechatronics and piezoelectric technology. The company is composed of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and physicists who have all the necessary tools to integrate the various technologies composing a product: mechanics, plastics, thermics, electronics, embedded software…

TEKCELEO has an electronics laboratory with scientific analysis and control equipment, latest generation design and simulation software and a mechanical prototyping and production workshop.

Examples and Applications

High-torque motor for MRI-guided robotics platform.

Aerospace: Cubesat – Nanosatellite for space research, vacuum-resistant actuators

Optronics and Optomechanics: Alignment of optical systems, camera support (support/stabilization), laser beam control

Motion systems for minimal invasive surgical operation robots.

Motion systems for calibration of magnetometer or other equipments needing non-magnetic environment

Positioning: Motorization for an XY table, hexapod, actuators for active vibration control

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