The event was created in 2008 by the Carnot Institutes, named in tribute to the renowned French physicist and engineer Nicolas Sadi Carnot (1796-1832) founder of the Thermodynamics principles.

In 2015, this meeting became one of the most important annual meeting for Innovation, gathering all the major actors from public and private R&D.

Telemaq has been participating in this event every year since its creation eight years ago as a private Research laboratory created to assist companies through all the innovation process. This meeting allows us to present our wide range of offers based on our know-how and our three thematic bricks in innovation, as well as to provide practical solutions focused on marketing.

The pre-programmed business meetings concept allows to identify the needs and to optimize the technological offers, as well as to increase sensitively the visibility for all the participants.

At the end of this 8th edition, TELEMAQ was able to answer positively to 23 business interviews with projects leaders, SMB, startups and major accounts, while keeping new on-the-spot meeting opportunities among 800 exhibitors and 2 600 visitors seeking for new ideas.

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