Decontamination mesh nebulizer

Tekceleo vibrating mesh nebulizer is the ideal technology for decontamination of small surfaces and volumes. Easy and efficient without neither residues nor liquid heating. Resists high concentration of H2O2 and other disinfectants. Customized integration into your disinfection equipment for excellent results in fighting virus infections.    

Find out about their specificities and applications
Bio decontamination mesh nebulizer :

Integrating Tekceleo’s amplified mesh nebulizers in your bio decontamination or disinfection equipment presents the following advantages:

  • Reduction of biocide consumption
  • No residues – No liquid pressure – No liquid heating
  • Energy savings
  • H2O2 and peracetic acid resistant

Typical applications:

  • pass box
  • transfer chamber
  • isolator
  • spray disinfection devices
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