How Micronice allows to reduce energy consumption of spraying processes

Comparison of spraying technology

Rise of energy price seems to be a long term phenomenon that industries need to take into account. Since long, spraying, aerosol generation and misting wasn’t designed in the most efficient way regarding power consumption.

Indeed, historical technologies are based on pressure or high enery input ultrasonic technology. It is the case of High Pressure humidifier or High powered ultrasonic nozzles. These technologies use a large amount of power to allow the atomization process to happen. For pressurized system, a compressor is needed, as well as a suited fluidic system handling pressure, with valve and controlling system. For ultrasonic system, the technology itself is based on high voltage phenomenon, which directly implies a great current consumption.

But it is time to change habits for industrial processes: efficiency in the use of resources in the new challenge for most of production facilities or to be taken into acount when developing new devices.

By comparison, our Micronice technology offers an efficiency that is disrupting other alternatives : 1 to 1,5W per nozzle, with allows for whole aerosol systems operating for less than 10Wh. Your can see the comparison below : for the same ouput, our technology use at least 10 times less energy than other alternatives !

This new technology in comparable to the coming of LED tech in the lighting sector. This allows to increase efficiency on many processes, and reach new use cases where energy is not abondant (space industry for example).

Discover how can use it in your own use case by contacting us !

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