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Testing of air purifiers with precise nebulization of bacteria

Published on 07 20 2021 | News

Air purifiers have become essential this year as schools and indoor businesses begin to open amid a declining … Continued

Indoor farming, decentralized food production in pandemic times

Published on 05 19 2021 | News

Traditional farming techniques have been challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. The increasing number of restrictions has created a … Continued

Ultrasonic motors, a solution for airborne electro-optical systems

Published on 04 15 2021 | News

One of the main challenges of airborne electro-optical systems such as Drone Gimbals or aerospace multispectral cameras, other … Continued

Freshness matters

Published on 03 19 2021 | News

While consumers stroll past a display case at a local market or grocery shop, their purchase decision is … Continued

Precision humidification at the heart of the industry

Published on 02 21 2021 | News

After a general decline in 2020, investment is expected to recover strongly in 2021 in most industrial sectors, … Continued

Wavelling motor technology for medical robotics in any environment

Published on 10 28 2020 | News

One of the main challenges of robotic surgery, other than the miniaturization of the systems, is to perform … Continued

Micronice by Tekceleo, an efficient tool to fight Coronavirus

Published on 08 20 2020 | News

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, Tekceleo has responded to the outbreak by adapting its MICRONICE nebulization technology to … Continued

Decontamination of small volumes in biomedical environments

Published on 03 01 2020 | News

Tekceleo has developed a micro droplet ultrasonic nebulizer allowing a precise atomization of the biocide agent. The type … Continued

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