Precision humidification at the heart of the industry

Precision humidification at the heart of the industry

After a general decline in 2020, investment is expected to recover strongly in 2021 in most industrial sectors, according to INSEE.

The MICRONICE™ technology, patented by TEKCELEO, is used in a wide variety of fields within the industrial sector. From evaporative cooling to the manufacture of mechanical parts or even
the labelling in the logistics industry, our aerosol generators are at the heart of industrial processes.

This technology is based on the coupling of a piezoelectric transducer with a vibrating micro-perforated membrane generating a very fine mist with droplets of only a few microns. These droplets are distributed homogeneously. The electronic control, paired with a response time of less than a millisecond, allows an extremely efficient and precise liquid deposition. These devices are very robust.

In addition, the new generation of golden mesh nebulizers has allowed our clients to reduce troubleshooting and maintenance operations that can be caused by the corrosive effects of some products by 50%.

Despite the challenges caused by the coronavirus outbreak, TEKCELEO has increased its nebulizer production capacity to meet your needs in terms of volume and responsiveness. To know more about how to integrate TEKCELEO’s MICRONICE™ technology in your equipment, please contact us by email: [email protected]

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