Wavelling motor technology for medical robotics in any environment

Piezoelectric motor technology for medical robotics in any environment

One of the main challenges of robotic surgery, other than the miniaturization of the systems, is to perform procedures guided by real-time MRI images. The magnetic imaging environment, because of its strong magnetic surroundings, makes impossible the usage or traditional electromagnetic actuators.

Thanks to the TEKCELEO’s WAVELLING MRI compatible motor technology, surgeons are now able to operate confidently without having a direct line of sight to inner parts of the body.

WAVELLING motors are compatible with magnetic environments over 3 Tesla and can be used for different applications such as:

  • Neurosurgical robotic systems to treat Parkinson.
  • Infusion pumps to deliver medication in the MRI.
  • CT-Scanner or MRI contrasts delivery Injectors.
  • Minimally invasive interventions for accurate diagnostics.
  • MRI compatible incubator systems.

Besides the MRI compatibility, this technology presents the following advantages when integrated in small size standard surgical robots:

  • High ratio torque/size
  • Very low time response (<1ms)
  • Direct drive. No backlash
  • High precision and easy PID control

To know more about how to integrate TEKCELEO’s WAVELLING technology in your surgical robot development, please contact us by email or by telephone…

Despite the challenges caused by the coronavirus outbreak, TEKCELEO has doubled its piezoelectric actuators production capacity to respond to your needs in terms of volume and reactivity.

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