Micronice by Tekceleo, an efficient tool to fight Coronavirus

Micronice fight against Coronavirus

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, Tekceleo has responded to the outbreak by adapting its MICRONICE nebulization technology to fight against the coronavirus.


Our MICRONICE nebulization technology is commonly used for such decontamination and disinfection applications as autonomous mobile disinfection platforms, laboratory pass boxes, and small and medium size decontamination chambers.

Integrating Tekceleo’s MICRONICE technology in your bio decontamination or disinfection equipment presents the following advantages:

  • No liquid pressure
  • No liquid heating
  • Resistant to H₂O₂, peracetic acid and many other disinfectants
  • Low energy consumption
  • Silent atomization
  • Fine mist for efficient action without damaging your equipment


Moreover, the new generation of GOLDEN mesh nebulizers has allowed our clients to reduce troubleshooting and maintenance operations by 50% due to the corrosive effect of some disinfectants.

Tekceleo has tripled its production capacity to respond to your needs in terms of volume and reactivity.

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