Decontamination of small volumes in biomedical environments

Decontamination of small volumes in biomedical environments

Tekceleo has developed a micro droplet ultrasonic nebulizer allowing a precise atomization of the biocide agent.

The type of biocide is not imposed. Improved hydrogen peroxide-based liquid surface disinfectants as well as a combination product containing peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide are effective biocides that can be nebulized with these devices. Hypochlorous acid is also being tested with success in medical environments.



Integrating Tekceleo’s amplified mesh nebulizers in laboratory equipment such as pass box or isolation modules, presents the following advantages:

– Reduction of biocide consumption
– No residues- No liquid pressure
– No liquid heating
– Energy savings

You want to know more about decontamination of small volumes in biomedical environment? Check our aerosol generator mesh nebulizer technology.

Watch the video of our product in action.

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