Tekceleo motors to observe the earth

Tekceleo motors to observe the earth

Miniature satellites are playing an important role in space and earth exploration.

A CUBE SAT is a type of nanosatellite commonly used for space and biological research. This satellite is made by one or multiple cubes of 10cm edges. Its mass is below 1.5kg.

The university of El Valle de Guatemala has created the first Guatemalan National satellite ever: QUETZAL 1, to be launched in 2020 by the Japanese Space Agency.

The main mission of QUETZAL 1 is to collect information for natural resources preservation.  The data is collected via a multispectral camera driven by a WLG-30-R Tekceleo’s ultrasonic motor.

The WLG-30-R motor provides a no-power holding torque that allows the multispectral camera to lock in a position without energy consumption from the batteries

In this miniature spacecraft every millimeter and every milliwatt are important. The electronic and mechanical components of the satellite must be compact as well as reliable at extreme conditions of vibration and temperature.

During the recent space full qualification campaign in Scotland, the satellite was exposed to temperatures between -30°C and 65°C, shock and vibration tests and high vacuum conditions.

For more information about the QUETZAL project please follow this link:


For more information about Tekceleo’s ultrasonic motors please follow this link:


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