Safer food & beverage packaging with Micronice by Tekceleo

Tekceleo’s Micronice nebulizers are at the heart of the industrial process of sterilization and disinfection of beverage and food packaging.

Beverage and food packaging play an important role in meeting food safety requirements. Consumers want food and drinks to be fresh and safe. Both consumers and producers want to minimize the impact packaging has on the environment.

These devices generate a very fine mist of H2O2 with droplets of a few microns. These droplets are homogeneously distributed inside the packaging and are used to disinfect it.

The use of Micronice nebulizers in the disinfection of this kind of packaging also has several advantages:

  • Reduction of H2O2 consumption
  • Ability to reach the “shadow” areas.
  • No residues which make the drying process easier and more efficient.
  • No liquid pressure.
  • No change of temperature.
  • Energy savings.

Tekceleo’s Micronize nebulizers are a very effective tool for eliminating bacteria in all types of solid and liquid food packaging.

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