The FEMTO- ST Institute, scientific laboratory associated to the ENSMM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et des Microtechniques), in collaboration with TEKCELEO, have developed a new prototype DELTA robot with real-time position memory. This allows the user to manually interact with the robot and personally program the robot with the correct paths to follow.
The robot was made with 3 WLG-30-R piezoelectric Motors with built-in optical encoders supplied by TEKCELEO. These motors provide a fast acceleration that allows quicker handling with a compact and gearless device.

The DELTA robot has a manipulation arm formed by three parallelograms. Due to its precision and lightness, it is often used to perform micromanipulation tasks, and has been used in the pharmaceutical, technological and food industries. More recently these robots have also been used in additive manufacturing processes.

The performance of the Delta robot combined with the low magnetic signature of the TEKCELEO piezoelectric motors and its vacuum compatible operation can open the field to new applications in the industrial, medical, and aerospace sectors.

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