Business Pôle Sophia Antipolis

To continue its industrial and commercial development, Tekceleo has decided to move into a state-of-the-art business center located in Sophia Antipolis. The Business Pole, created to accelerate the development of innovative companies, is located at the heart of the technology park.
Tekceleo has reserved a technical workshop area dedicated to the manufacture and quality control of its new products. In addition, another area will be used to host the engineering and commercial activities.

New address as of April 1st  2019

Business Pôle
1047 Route des Dolines
25 Allée Pierre Ziller
06560 Valbonne Sophia Antipolis , France


Tekceleo is one of the world’s leading experts in mechatronic devices based on piezoelectric technologies. As a spin-off of Telemaq, Tekceleo sells breakthrough innovations worldwide through its three product lines:

  • Electronic vibrating mesh nebulizers.
  • Piezoelectric precision motors.
  • Vibration energy harvesting modules.

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