Robot desinfection

OCTOPUS equips its ROBOTS with Micronice technology from TEKCELEO

Tekceleo has adapted its nebulization technology to meet the needs of sanitary liquid dispersion in partnership with Octopus robots. Since September 2018/ after four years of R&D, Octopus robots has been marketing its autonomous robots which are used to contain the risks of contamination in poultry farms and public places.

MicroniceTM technology, patented by Tekceleo, is a rupture nebulization technology based on very low-power piezoelectric coupling. It is a micro-perforated mesh device which, when vibrating at a certain frequency, expels the liquid in the form of perfectly calibrated small droplets (monodispersion). This technology, initially developed for medical aerosol therapy, is being evaluated in the field of Humidification and the deposit of micro-volumes of liquid.

For more information, read the full article on 360°R&D, France innovation .

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