Technological Research under the media’s spotlights.

It is the modern version of “street lamp” effect of searching for his keys not where we lost them, but where there are the lights. Thus one is tempted to answer any innovation problem through our knowledge and illumination given by the media.
If you entrust your problem of innovation to a Laser specialist or composite materials, it will respond with a solution using the laser or composite materials and so on. Better yet, if you need some innovations, look no… the response is digital approach! Innovation would be a question of fad and generation? Probably because the uses are evolving and expectations too. Personally, I would not have bet a Kopek on Facebook or Uber if I was given my opinion (rest assured, this is not the case!).
Few days go by without the media speak about “connected objects” that will be the basis of the digital transformation and exploitation of “big data”. This is undoubtedly justified, but remember that a “connected object” is above all only a simple object comprising plastic shells, mechanics, sensors, actuators, electronic circuits … In short, some hardware from the “old economy”.
TELEMAQ was founded 16 years ago on a concept of Technology Company whose role is to revisit the physical principles and to propose original technical solutions to our customers. Indeed, understanding the physics of a sensor is of major interest to better integrate it and thus lower the costs of a function. Our main concern: to overcome the “streetlight effect” in order to get the right answers to customer questions. However, it appears that some lack of temporary lucidity has led us to view the world through the prism of our specialty that is “Piezoelectricity and Ultrasound”.
Indeed, for three years now, TELEMAQ offers “technological bricks” based on our strong skills to direct sales. We therefore propose “under the streetlight” a quantity of items that may interest our customers to integrate into their applications.

We are proud to present this new “Product Strategy” through a renewed website.

The piezoelectric coupling is used much less than the electromagnetic coupling. This originality gives to the devices using piezoelectricity some amazing properties as atomization devices, small very silent electric motors with high torque and low speed, autonomous sensors harvesting vibrational energy, miniature metering pumps, very fast piezovalves…

We hope you enjoy discovering these amazing technologies and their applications.

Jean-Denis Sauzade

[email protected]/tekceleo-4451

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