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Our nebulizers as fog generators for aeroponics

What is an aeroponic system?

Aeroponics is a very efficient system in the field of agriculture, which aims to eliminate the cultivation substrates by growing crops without soil and by misting directly water and nutrients on the roots. This requires the root system to be in the open air, so that a nutrient solution can be sprayed on the roots at regular intervals.

There are multiple benefits to this technique: To remove any obstacle to the propagation of the roots, to better control the supply of nutrients, or to prevent any development of disease or parasites, mainly present in the soil. Most research shows that aeroponics is one of the most successful agronomic techniques. The main factors explaining the effectiveness of aeroponics are:

  • Ease of nutrient absorption, allowing a 60% reduction in fertilizer inputs
  • Oxygen-rich root system, which prevents fungal diseases
  • CO2 directly accessible to the roots, which considerably accelerates their growth
  • Full health and natural defenses, the plant being fed at will, in a controlled environment, all its energy is dedicated to the production of leaves, flowers and fruits

Aeroponics eliminates the use of pesticides, herbicides and algaecides while reducing the use of fertilizers. This precision farming technology therefore solves two problems currently encountered by conventional agriculture:

  • Extensive and intensive land use
  • Dependence on inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.)

Use cases and benefits of our technology

The challenges of industrial aeroponics

However, an aeroponic solution requires a controlled and reliable fluidic system to deliver nutrients and water to the roots. At the heart of this fluidic system are the mist generators (misting nozzles), a key component of all aeroponic agriculture. However, aeroponics is relatively underused today due to limiting factors, mainly technical and economical:

  • Precise control of inputs (liquid flows)
  • Maintenance and clogging of nozzles
  • Cost of equipment
  • Electricity consumption


The advantage of Tekceleo Electronic Nebulization Nozzles

To meet these challenges, Tekceleo has developed a new range of ultra-precise MICRONICE nebulizers with a perfectly calibrated droplet size to optimize nutrient absorption in aeroponics. The advantages of MICRONICE foggers are:

  • “Soft” misting (no projection, monodispersed particle size) and controlled (adaptable flow rate via a control software).
  • Very low power consumption (2W/nozzle, allowing it to run on a battery).
  • A modular fluidic system (each nozzle can be autonomous and replaced).
  • A robust system that can operate continuously for a very long time (several years with tap water).
  • Very quiet operation, which is noticeable in enclosed work areas.

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Nébuliseurs électroniques à membrane vibrante

Our value proposition for your aeroponics system

Our M40 vibrating membrane nebulizers are particularly suitable for the food industry, as they can project micro-droplets ranging from 40 to 55 microns, which is the optimum size for an ideal nutrient mist.

Precise control of the flow rate and fogging cycle can prevent micro-droplets from recombining on the roots, allowing for optimal moisture content and maximizing nutrient absorption. The robustness of our nozzles also greatly reduces the maintenance and cost of ownership of a fluidic aeroponics system.

Traditional centralized foggers (ultrasonic, high pressure or pneumatic) often require significant investments and maintenance stops, while being noisy and not very flexible. In addition, nozzles of this type must be replaced periodically, from every two weeks to every two months.

Our technology is natively computer-controllable (Electronic Nebulization) and does not require complex valve systems and pressure generators (hydraulic or pneumatic) to operate.

Moreover, our technology is based on a piezoelectric vibrating membrane, which works ideally with mineral-rich formulations, provided that they are soluble in water.

Our team of engineers will be able to assist you in all the stages of designing and scaling up your aeroponics system:

  • Characterization of your nutrient fluid
  • Help with integrating our nozzle/controller pair in your aeroponics system
  • Responsive technical support

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