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Nebulization in supply chain: adhesives activation

An example of the application of Micronice™ technology in industry illustrates the exceptional control properties of our Electronic Nebulizers. Following the development of logistic flows, the cardboard industry must constantly innovate to reduce “material” costs. The use of our nebulizers in special high-speed labeling machines has allowed our customers to save several operations and tons of material. Indeed, the fluidic response time of our nebulizers allows the activation of high speed labeling adhesives.

Our products have a low response time, which speeds up the manufacturing process and therefore reduces costs. It is also interesting to know that there is no temperature rise when using our nebulizers, nor any alteration or change of product phase, which is very interesting in the process of adhesive activation.

Our nebulizer range for your logistic processes

Concerning our range of nebulizers, the specificity of the MICRONICE™ technology (amplified microperforated membrane vibration) allows us to generate microdroplets in the micron range (4 microns, 8 microns, 12 microns, 20 microns and 50 microns). Our technology therefore generates dense, controlled and “dry” fogs:

  • Adaptable flow rate (per nozzle): from 20μl/min to over 40ml/min.
  • Adaptable droplet size: from 4μm to more than 50μm.
  • Low footprint (nozzle dimensions: 20x16x16mm).
  • Very low power consumption < 3W (possibility of battery operation).
  • No dead volume.
  • No temperature rise of the nebulized product, nor alteration of the formulations.
  • Very short response time.
  • Silent operation (<35dBa).
  • Possibility to adapt the membrane according to use


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