Ultrasonic motors, a solution for airborne electro-optical systems


One of the main challenges of airborne electro-optical systems such as Drone Gimbals or aerospace multispectral cameras, other than its very limited size, is the possibility to perform fast accelerations while being able to set a position with low energy consumption.

Piezoelectric ultrasonic motors feature both incredible accelerations and a very high no-power holding torque that allow the optical system to achieve the target position in the required time and not consuming any power while holding it.

The typical design of an ultrasonic motor takes advantage of the coupling between the mechanical resonance of a vibrating piezo-ceramic stator and the electrical resonance of an AC driving circuit, which allows for relatively high vibration amplitude while using low supply voltages.

The advantages of small piezoelectric ultrasonic motors, as compared to the standard electromagnetic ones with the same size and weight, include high power density and efficiency, high torque at low speeds and low power, non-magnetic properties, quiet drive, no gear mechanism, quick response and short settling times, hard brake and no backlash.

Tekceleo have developed a new range of WAVELLING™ compact and powerful actuators that are suitable to be integrated in Nano-Satellites, Drone Gimbals and Laser Positioning Systems. These motors can be operated in extreme conditions of temperature and vibration. They are also perfectly adapted to vacuum environments.

To know more about how to integrate TEKCELEO’s WAVELLING  technology in your equipment, please contact us.

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