Indoor farming, decentralized food production in pandemic times

Aeroponics farm

Traditional farming techniques have been challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. The increasing number of restrictions has created a limitation for some populations to access food. This is mainly due to tighter border controls, lower incomes and higher prices of some foods which put it out of reach for many.


Indoor farming techniques like for example aeroponics contribute to the solution. It’s the best system in order to perfectly monitor the nutrient medium and might become the crop of the future. Crops grow in three dimensions and all year long. The consumption of water and nutrients is optimized by using electronic sprayers to feed the roots of the plants with a mist of micro-droplets calibrated around 40-50 µm diameter.


To maximize the absorption of nutrients delivered by the spray, it is important not to have excess dripping from roots while keeping the root hairs at a high level of relative humidity. This can be achieved by precisely controlling the misting cycle and avoiding the micro-droplet to recombine into larger droplets on the hairs.


TEKCELEO has developed a range of electronic sprayers based on the coupling of a micro-perforated mesh and an amplified piezoelectric transducer that allows the perfect calibration of the droplet size, an accurate flow rate control and a precise misting cycle timing.


To know more about how to integrate TEKCELEO’s MICRONICE™ technology in your equipment, please contact us.

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