Testing of air purifiers with precise nebulization of bacteria

Air purifiers have become essential this year as schools and indoor businesses begin to open amid a declining pandemic. Officials said indoor ventilation (open windows) and proper air purifiers can reduce the load of coronavirus particles in the air. And science suggests that both could be beneficial in stemming the transmission of the virus.

There are many models of air purifiers, more or less effective, that achieve the expected results in terms of reduction of viral or bacterial load. Regulators are increasingly strict in controlling the real efficiency of these devices by creating environments that simulate real situations. These tests consist in introducing a controlled concentration of viruses or bacteria into closed chambers via precision aerosol generators.

TEKCELEO has developed a range of electronic sprayers based on the coupling of a micro-perforated mesh and an amplified piezoelectric transducer which allows perfect calibration of the droplet size, precise atomization and precise flow control.

TEKCELEO’s MICRONICE™ technology makes it possible to atomize different solutions or suspensions without any change in pressure or temperature. The electronic nebulizers of the MICRONICE™ family are able to accurately spray samples of bacteria or viruses to replicate an infected environment without prior damage, so the efficiency of the air purifiers can be perfectly evaluated.

To know more about how to integrate TEKCELEO’s MICRONICE™  technology in your  equipment, please contact us.

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