Tekceleo offers two simple, modular product lines of microsprayer that allow scientists to generate precision aerosols without altering the formulation.


Tekceleo’s Micronice nebulization technology is commonly used for precise atomization of relatively low viscosity liquids (viscosity < 3mPa s). Our droplet generators are based on the concept of vibrating mesh nebulization, which atomizes the liquid without increasing temperature or pressure. In addition, our simple and modular design, a simple kit, is perfectly adaptable to any research environment.

Our devices can guarantee monodispersed aerosol particles and no alteration of the atomized solutions, which is particularly appreciated in the context of aerosolization of pharmaceutical and biologic formulations. Among our customers, the most common laboratory uses for our scientific atomization solution are:

  • Microbiology (microorganisms, fungi, etc.)
  • Medical research (bacteria, viruses, pollen…)
  • Thermal and material study (Coating…)
  • Study of bioaerosol behaviour

Characteristics and benefits

Our aerosol generators are available in two differents design : P&S T45 for direct and simple use, with an integrated 10 mL tank, and P&S 360 for long time operation, that comes with a whole fluidic system (reservoir, pump and tubes).

  • No temperature nor pressure rise, stable and monodisperse aerosol.
  • Adaptable and controllable flow rate;
  • Particle size depends on the membrane, with a range of drop sizes from 04 to 50 microns;
  • No dead volume (all the liquid is nebulized);
  • 10 mL easily refillable and cleanable tank
  • Miniature and compact (nozzle dimensions: 20x16x16mm), easy to integrate in your system;
  • No noise during operation;
  • Easily disinfected : is compatible with all biocides.
  • 100% Electronic: controllable via an ergonomic touchscreen;
  • Low power consumption (<3W per nozzle);

For some experimentation and laboratory uses it can be necessary to atomizes liquid at temperature up to 150°C, a specific version of our aerosol generator for high temperature is available on demand.

Academic partners

Use cases

Our aerosol generator kits are currently used in more than 30 laboratories around the world for research or sample analysis. It is particularly appreciated for compounds requiring not to alter the atomized solution (no thermal nor pressure changes).

This specific device, in laboratory and research environment, can be used as a spray dryer atomizer, a droplet generator, a precise humidifier or even an airborne disinfection device, as it can support H2O2.

Our research based use cases are particularily diversified :

  • Contamination of samples with micro-organisms
  • Research on viruses and bacteria
  • Research on aerosols
  • High precision coating and materials study (can be adapted to temperature > 150°C)
  • Research on battery (Lithium-ion or hydrogen fuel cell)
  • Research on vaccines (Dry vaccines)

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to share your use case and see if our device can help you in your experiment or developments !

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